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This is a gesture of love

When you place the bunch of keys on top of the table, there, for a moment, you know whether you feel happy or not.

Every time you open the door of your home, every time you put the key in the keyhole to enter or leave the house, to protect what it contains or to open the house to a new day, you perform an act of love. SAB supports you in this act with its quality, technology and experience. SAB accompanies you from the heart.

All our technology in a single gesture

The future begins today, not tomorrow…

Behind the key click in a SAB lock lies long years of experience in the production of civil and industrial locks. In a single gesture, you can complete your living and working spaces with high-quality locks and cutting-edge design.

In a single gesture, the guarantee of 100% Made in Italy quality, a sartorial quality. And in a single gesture all our technology, all our brain at the service of technique and aesthetics.

All the security you need in a single gesture.

Man and woman are two locked chests, each of which contains the key to the other.

In one gesture all the security you could wish for, for your loved ones, for your home, for your belongings. SAB combines, in its products, solid security with a luxurious yet discreet aesthetic. Mortise cylinder locks for wooden doors, hook locks for sliding doors, gear and double bit locks with multi-point locks, double bit locks for gates and railings, locks for armoured doors, security cylinders and related protective accessories are just some of the possibilities SAB offers you.

Home in a single gesture.

Human beings have the wonderful talent of making a place a home.

The home starts at the door, the door starts at the lock. In one gesture the adventure of a day begins, in one gesture you shut everything out. A precious gesture that SAB surrounds with technology, safety and design.