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The indispenSABle key to success

SAB, much more than just locks

Expertise that has matured and developed over time, flexible artisanship that makes it possible to accommodate any request, and attention to the smallest of details that is fundamental to the perfect functioning of the mechanism. SAB takes the heart of the door, the lock, to the highest level, conveying a value that goes beyond mere functionality. So that security, intimacy and cosiness, which are the cornerstones of what it means to feel at home, are tangible from the moment you step through the door.

Quality first

The sartorial ability to tackle each project as a trump card, the production flexibility that combines traditional artisanship with technologically advanced industrial processing as the perfect formula to meet product, service and timing requirements.

All this for a lock? Yes, but that’s not all. SAB places the lock at the centre of the project, identifies it as a fundamental element of the door, and values it as the heart and, at the same time, the thinking brain that enters into a relationship of trust and respect.

A company that makes craftsmanship its hallmark, a company that can produce any type of lock thanks to the approximately 19,000 components it has developed over time through research and expertise. Advanced mechanisms that aim to guarantee security, facilitate door opening and closing, and grant us access to our home.

“In fact, the lock also has a symbolic function, because at once it identifies the house, de facto defines its ownership, and reinforces the belonging to a family unit that is expressed by possession of the keys.”

SAB designs and manufactures locks for doors, entry doors, gates, mixing components and systems to find the most suitable and functional solution

Components that often go unseen, but which animate the door and come together in perfect, oiled and robust gears, able to endure even after many stresses and opening and closing movements. Or on the contrary, details to be emphasised because they can add personality and character, a touch of colour at times, to the overall image of the door, analysed by SAB as a complex organism with its own functions and characteristics, one never the same as the next. In this context, the brain of the door, i.e. the lock, is seen as something completely customisable, from colours, material to shape, not forgetting, thanks to the experience and technology developed over 40 years, security and durability.

This organisation always strives for the best, starting with the quality of all materials, a more robust lock box, brass or steel deadbolts and latchbolts, and fluid and silent gear movements. Aspects that all combine to raise the level of the product range, add-ons that, together with the tailor-made approach, allow SAB to stand out in the market, to establish a specific identity that is different from the large companies in the locksmithing sector.

A uniqueness that is not only found in the range of solutions on offer. Products and technologies are enhanced by punctual and competent technical support that guarantees efficient and timely service to reassure customers and enable timely and resolute intervention. A three hundred and sixty-degree vision, a constant dialogue with different targets for different product segments, ranging from the end consumer to hardware stores, and then architects, designers and planners, each of whom finds answers to their own aesthetic and functional needs.

SAB looks to the future with a desire to invest and seek out new solutions without forgetting the past and the experience gained over all these years, always ready for new challenges and constantly searching for keys to explore the new living dynamics.